Signage Mistakes to Avoid: Common Pitfalls in Business Signage

Your business signage will become the face of your business, which is why it is so important to get it right. Good signage is a strong marketing power in terms of getting your business name out into the world. Creating successful business signage can be a challenge, and this blog offers some tips on how to avoid common signage mistakes.

Signage Is The Wrong Size

An easy mistake to make with your business signage is making it too big or too small. You need to ensure that your signage can reach both foot traffic and vehicles passing by, so make sure that your signage is readable for both parties without being too big that it is off-putting and looks out of place. This not only goes for font selection and size but for the physical size of the sign as well. If a sign is too wide and big then passers might actually miss it due to being too big for them to read. The same goes for being too small for those who are passing by at a further distance.

Misspellings & Typos

Every aspect of your signage will leave a lasting impression on those who read it. Therefore if the sign contains any wrong spellings or typos then this could have a detrimental impact on their view of your business, leaving a bad first impression. This is why it is useful to work with a professional signage company that can assist with every aspect of your sign before it goes to print.

Overload of Information 

Too much information on your sign can put customers off from reading it fully. On top of this, an overload of information may make the reader less likely to retain the core information for your business and this would be counterproductive. Your text should aim to cover around 50% of the space on the sign.

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