Designing Effective Vehicle Signage: Tips for Capturing Attention on the Road

As a business owner, you should be maximising as many methods as possible to promote your business and gain the exposure your company needs. Adding signage to your company vehicles is a useful method to promote your brand.

Why is vehicle signage a great way to advertise? 

Vehicle wraps have proven to boost brand recognition time and time again. Passing motorists and pedestrians will spot your coloured, attractive, professionally designed signage on your vehicle. No matter where you go, with vehicle signage, you are constantly spreading your brand’s awareness.

What’s great about vehicle signage is that it is not aggressive advertising. You are presenting members of the public with a memorable image of your business in a positive way.

How to design effective vehicle signage? 

Your vehicle can be seen in all kinds of contexts and scenarios, therefore it’s essential that your graphics stand out and make a great impression no matter who sees them or where they are.

To achieve stand-out graphics, you should work closely with a signage company that can help you create a template and think about the layout of the advertisement. Consider using bolder colours and having one main focus point to create an eye-catching advert that is easily remembered.

After this, you need to carefully think about the design of the signage. Most brands opt to use their company logo on their signage. You’ll also need to think about the contours of the vehicle, and where your printed design would work best.

How to create effective vehicle branding? 

Firstly, it is crucial that your graphics are readable. This involves creating bold, easy-to-read images and writing,  as well as making sure it can be read from a distance. On top of this, use bright colours and clear images to capture people’s attention. Don’t clutter up the design too much as this can stop viewers from taking in the intended message. Finally, your graphics need to be in proportion to your vehicle.

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