Trying to make a business successful can seem like an uphill struggle, especially if you’re in a very competitive industry.

Marketing can make a big difference to your fortunes. If you can reach more customers than your rivals then you will leapfrog them in success. Here are six successful ways to promote your business that may not have crossed your mind.

  1. Public Relations

Public Relations – PR for short – involves getting articles about your business in publications and online. If you’re very lucky, it might also involve getting a small amount of radio or TV airtime dedicated to you or your company.

If you’re planning to launch a new product or service, then PR can be a big help as it has the potential to reach a wide audience.

Public relations is often targeted. For example, if you’re a theatre lighting company and you now stock the latest in moving light technology, it is unlikely that an article in your local press will aid your sales by a large degree. The local area may only have one regional theatre and the majority of the readership is unlikely to need your product. Good public relations will make sure your article is in a relevant trade paper so that it has the maximum impact on your sales.

Public relations can be used to raise awareness of your company, its products, its landmark achievements (20th Anniversary, winning a business award, etc.), and its reputation. It can also be used to announce big new hires or to showcase your business’s beliefs.

  1. Vehicle Signage

Vehicle sign writing is a cost-effective way to advertise your business and services wherever you go. On top of this, vehicle sign writing has remained a popular, eye-catching and consistent option for business owners far and wide for decades. Whether you want to raise awareness of your brand, announce your services, or you want to make sure your fleet of vehicles is easily recognised, then vehicle sign writing is definitely the way to go.

Vehicle sign writing involves adding writing and graphics to a vehicle or several vehicles that you will be using for business purposes. The vehicle can be a van, a car, a truck or a bus. Vinyl graphics or decals are applied to the vehicle. These can include branding, logos, accreditations, contact information, and eye-catching images.

Vehicle sign writing works because wherever the vehicle is driven or parked, your business is being promoted. Vehicle signage acts as a mobile advert for your brand, giving you cost-effective advertising that will last a long time. Furthermore, it is visible to everyone—drivers and pedestrians alike.

  1. Social Media

Nowadays, social media can play a big role in a company’s online presence and promotional strategy. Social media can reach a really wide audience very quickly, taking your brand to your local community, a national audience, or even finding potential buyers from other countries.

Social media can keep you in touch with current customers but also introduce your brand to new ones. It is normally free to run a social media account, making it an ideal option for businesses on a tight budget.

If you are going to run a social media campaign then one of the first things you need to consider is what you want it to achieve. For instance, maybe you want to introduce your business to new clients, showcase a new product, tell customers about an upcoming bargain or event, or generate traffic to your website. Whatever the purpose, you need to tailor your content to meet your goal.

  1. Digital Advertising

With digital advertising, it is quite easy to execute data-led strategies and track the success of the advertisement.

If you choose a pay-per-click (PPC) advert on a relevant site then you will pay an upfront amount for the advert. For example, if you pay $400 to run the advert and the site charges you $2 per click, then 200 people can click on your ad before it will be taken down.

If you choose display advertising, this can raise brand awareness and means that your advert may be displayed across multiple sites or platforms.

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